PARALX {par-uh-laks} is a young, award-winning Architecture and Design practice based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Through its collaborative-based design process, PARALX –an acronym of Parallel Practice, which signifies work in collaboration, engages professionals with diverse backgrounds & nationalities and works closely with them to reach integrated design solutions.

Our design philosophy revolves around three main strategies:

An analytical-based approach, an innovative-driven process & a client-oriented focus.

The design passion evident in our work portfolio, our ability to read constraints as challenges and to turn those challenges into design opportunities, our attention to detail & our dedication throughout the design process, make us the right candidate for the next project.

PARALX was born as a counter idea to what has been wrongly referred to today as “starchitect”. We believe that Architecture is a product of collaboration & is never down to a single person’s efforts. We radically reject the idea of summarizing this collaborative process and package it as one person’s work.

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