Project Facts
Type: Renovation
Program: Church
Gross Built-up Area: 900 sqm. (9,700 sqft.)
Status: Complete

The St. Georges Church was built towards the end of the 19th century & suffered severe damage during the civil war.

Being part of an urban development at the edge of the reconstructed downtown Beirut- the Beirut Digital District (BDD), the renovation of such monument acts as an iconographic center of an increasingly growing urban quarter, and fulfill a hope of bringing back its community. The approach consists of preserving the remaining sandstone walls & the addition of a light, transparent roof structure; when lit at night, its glow signifies the rising.

The roof consists of a series of truncated pyramids symbolizing exploded shrapnel frozen over time, funneling the light down to the hall, resulting inabundant light rays & making the space both, spiritual and memorial. Parametrically controlled, the truncated pyramids elements are a contemporary interpretation of traditional ornaments found in old churches.

While controlling the solar penetration level, they also act as acoustical elements for the 50ft.-high hall.

Photo Credits: Wissan Chaaya