Project Facts
Type: High Rise
Program: Residential
Gross Built-up Area: 22,500 sqm. (242,000 sqft.)
Status: Design Stage

Located along The Green Line, the demarcation line that previously seperated Beirut into two, as well as being part of the masterplan of the Beirut Digital District, T3 tower reflects the Masterplan vision of being a space for convergence rather than one of segregation; conceived as “slab & glass”, its transparency blurs the line that split the city throughout the years.

The space program consists of cafes/ restaurants on the GF level, serviced apartments on the lower levels; both enjoy views to the green areas & piazzas. Residential apartments for sale are located throughout the tower, conceived with different size & type, targeting mainly the creative class the ICT users belong to.

Units were conceived to have an open space, high ceilings & a “mini piazza” -which could either have a hung garden or a plunge pool, extending the green areas vertically on the building, with views towards downtown, the Mediterranean & the mountains surrounding Beirut.