Project Facts
Type: Residential
Program: Weekend Residence
Gross Built-up Area: 850 sqm. (9,150 sqft.)
Status: Built
Year: 2019

The Y Chalet project is a weekend house for a family of four, based in the winter sports village of Faraya, an hour drive away from Beirut.

Located on a plateau in the upper mountains, the lot benefits from open views to the surrounding mountainous landscape. The monolithic shape of the house is generated by projecting the sight lines onto the house allowable building envelope, slicing & shaping it while creating its openings. The resulting polyhedron is reminiscent of the rocky formations found around the site. This is emphasized by the rough texture cladding, made from vertical stone strips that vary in thickness.

Their white color blurs the house with its surrounding in the winter, and makes it stand out in the summer season. The house is designed around the living room which has a double orientation that creates a continuity between the front garden and the backyard, with a predominant northern wind, the space is naturally cooled during the summer.

The central aspect of the space is emphasized with a double height and alarge skylight, oriented South to the mountain peak. A wide bridge acting as a reading area breaks the void & connects the kids’ bedrooms to the parents’ on the upper floor.

Photo Credits: Bahaa Ghoussainy